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7 Day Rapaki Smashy

Tired, breathless and saturated, we finally arrived at the top of the Rapaki Track for the fourth time in as many days. The usually fantastic view that we’d become so accustomed to was hidden under a thick, milky cloud. ‘At least it’s not hot,’ Matt said, trying to inject some level of optimism into the […]

Captain’s Orders

There are some things you never expect to say: ‘Hello Wembley’ ‘Damn it man! I need the launch codes’ ‘YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!’ But this weekend, I got to cross one of the phrases off the list. To paint the scene; myself, Alex and Kat were huddled into an inflatable dinghy, motoring over to […]

7 Days, 7 Rapakis, 7 Whys

‘Why?’ A question that gets asked a lot when explaining some new event that we’ve just thought up. Whether it’s the Mega-Multi-Sport Day – where as many activities need to be completed in one day. Or The Perfect Work Week – a different activity is done each evening for a week. Or currently in the […]

Metaphorical Communist Bricks

For the past week or so, we – by which I mean my Dad and occasionally me – have been building a new deck in the back garden. And as much as I was expecting this post to be a humorous account of my inability to use hand tools; or not knowing what an ‘Impact […]

Alien Vs. The Gnarly Nun

Lactic acid scorches my leg muscles. This must be how those Xenomorphs in the Alien movies feel like all the time. No wonder they’re always grumpy and up to mischief. My lungs feel empty of oxygen, as if all the air has drained from them. No matter how hard I suck air in, it seeps out […]

Needle in the Grass

A trained dog. Quite a necessity some would say when going on another Dog Tails adventure. Others may say that two trained dogs would be even more appropriate, based on the number of dogs we have. I’m not going to argue; both statements are equally valid. But how about a dog with a purpose? Although […]

Rage Against the Free Sample Machine

‘How many free samples can I have?’   I inwardly sigh, and then reply, ‘Help yourself.’   ‘OK thanks.’ The woman proceeds to scoop up the entire contents of the samples box, and pours it into her handbag. ‘I hope he likes them. He can be very fussy sometimes.’   ‘You have a good day now,’ I add, through […]

Get Amongst It

Everyone knows someone who recently turned vegan, and therefore expects everyone else to follow suit. Or has suddenly realised that ‘Big-Pharma’ may not be all it’s cracked up to be, and chastises you for buying Nestle products for some reason. Or just watched a documentary on how 9/11 was an inside job, and has to […]

What does a writer look like?

The reason I ask this is because I had to find a bunch of them on Sunday at a NaNoWriMo meet up. I imagine at this point you’re more concerned with what ‘NaNoWriMo’ is, as opposed to what a combination of berets, smoking pipes and glasses of scotch all add up to. So let’s deal […]