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And Yes, That is a Rabbit

A little unknown avenue of writing that I’ve been exploring, unknown because I’ve not been overly successful at it yet, is magazine journalism.  I found out quite quickly that there are only so many outlets for adventure stories, and even less who may be interested in the adventures that we go on. Then even less […]

You Don’t Know Pete?

‘No, I’ve not read the Goosebumps’ books,’ ‘Really? Not even the one with the ventriloquist dummies?’ ‘No,’ ‘Or the one with the haunted house?’ ‘No… not that one either,’ ‘How have you not…’ And so the conversation went for a third time that day, when I attempted to explain my purchase of three Goosebumps’ books. […]

Next Year Then

It’s always important to have a captivating image to accompany a blog post. Something that makes a potential reader think; ‘Ooh, I might read about that’. All going well, it may even result in a ‘Like’. So when I decided to enter ‘Peak to Pub’ – an event that involves a 2km ski through Mt. […]

Ill Tempered Mutated Sea Bass

Zombie Vampires? Meh, bit of a genre mashup, could be confusing. Chainsaw wielding elves? Well Christmas is coming I guess, but could be pigeon holed as seasonal. Venomous, angry flowers? Jumangji already nailed it. It can be tough thinking up antagonists for horror stories. Now that I have completed the first draft of three horror […]

The Mega Multi Sport Weekend III

My eyes scanned a third weather warning update in as many weeks. They were starting to become a regular feature this winter, a disruptive front of wind and rain that left a trail of closed roads, high river levels, and topped up ski fields in its wake. My heart sank as I got to the […]

Nature Trail – Hanmer Springs

Now don’t get me wrong, as you may have noticed from the many other Dog Tails, I love a bloody good adventure like the rest of them. But sometimes it’s nice to slow things down a little. Like a ballad in the middle of an 80’s mullet rock album, or an unnecessary sub-plot in the […]

Waterfall Track – Hanmer Springs

I’d heard much about the Hanmer Springs hot pools; the soothing, calming effects of the geothermally heated water, the relaxing environment, reasonably priced coffee and so forth. All the things a more civilized canine, such as myself, appreciates when out on a morning walk. I attempted to explain this to Rusty, my fellow furry counterpart, […]

In Search of a Good Story

There’s a certain degree of trial and error when it comes to scouting out a new location for a possible Dog Tails adventure. Generally, it starts by looking at a Topo map, then hunting around for DOC information which hopefully doesn’t have any anti-dog sentiments tucked away in it. Then it’s a small matter of […]